One church a day

I am going on a journey, walking a part of the Northumbrian coastpath, but more importantly visiting some old churches along the way. To find moments of silence, contemplation and prayer.

Churches form waypoints in the landscape. So many people have worshipped in these ancient buildings. Through the ages they were the focal points of the community. Right now a new generation believers find it difficult to bind themselves to a church community. These days it’s hard to commit to God and express our faith. That’s why I will pray for our children, the young generation, for the Spirit to touch their hearts and guide them. And for us all I pray for Courage to commit ourselves; Vision to form fitting communities and Open minds to find ways of reaching out to a young generation and fresh expressions of faith.

Taking on this journey – this pilgrimage if you like – way out of my comfort zone will keep me on edge. Make me perceptive and open to the unexpected. With no one to rely on but the people I meet. And hopefully I will experience God’s presence and guidance on my way.

One church a day keeps the blues away (or the devil at bay?) 😉