DAY 6 Goldcrests

Many times in wintertime when I walk the dog in the forest I hear these teeny tiny contact calls from the tiniest of little birds, called Goldcrests (Goudhaantjes). They forage in small groups through the branches of trees and constantly call and answer each other. If you don’t have your ears pricked up, you probably won’t hear them. But pay attention and look where the sounds come from and you will be rewarded by the sight of these beautiful small birds. They are a bit greenish and have a very distinctive bright yellow streak on the top of their head . Truly a joy to behold and to observe them quietly for minutes on end. (Today I heard and saw them again and tried to make a picture, but they move very quickly, so it’s very hard to capture them. The photo above I took a few years ago, and wasn’t even that good…:-/ )

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